This is how we do it

Casa Carmen is a group of restaurants that could be considered young because it does not have many years in the business. However, in a short time they have been able to forge a solid reputation throughout the country, especially in Seville where we are a reference as far as Spanish food is concerned. The restaurant offers its guests a range of exquisite dishes, mostly Mediterranean cuisine, but also complement their menu with a selection of dishes from different European cuisines.

The best of Casa Carmen is the atmosphere that is breathed inside its restaurants. In Seville they have one of the best possible locations in the city, in front of the Guadalquivir river pass, which makes every dinner in this place an unforgettable experience, with a view of the city from which few restaurants can boast with treachery. In addition, we can arrange romantic dinners on site.

Casa Carmen strives to create a unique atmosphere. His obsession is to help his guests to have a unique night. If you come as a couple, you may enjoy one of the most romantic evenings for both. You will enjoy a first class service while enjoying the view adorned by the imposing Guadalquivir River.